Vacation indeed may become any people’s necessity to gain both fun and relaxation. Well, we indeed understand about such necessity so that we try to provide any people who want to spend vacation in Lombok with quality guest house to stay. Any tourist indeed may have different preferences in choosing certain place to stay when they want to conduct vacation in Lombok. One of important considerations will be location of the guest house. In this case, we also offer advantage related to such preference.

What any of you need to know about the location of our guest house, Rumah Gili, is indeed about the variety of options in how you can access our place. Commonly, people can directly fly by using air transportation service from Jakarta and others including Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Singapore, and more. It will be great option related to comfort and efficiency. Yet, there are still other options that you can take. Rumah Gili costs you 2 hours of travel from Lombok International airport indeed. It can be considered to be efficient indeed.

If you come from Mataram city, you can access our place by using public boat which may cost you only 30 minutes. You can also take Ferry boat if you come from Bali actually. Just choose the one based on your preferences.

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