About Us

We understand that there will be more and more people around the world that may become interested in spending their time to visit any beautiful places out there to conduct vacation. Actually, based on the reason that some tourists may gain problem in finding perfect place to stay when they conduct vacation, we specifically offer a great place to stay when you visit one of recommended vacation destination located in Indonesia such as Lombok. We are Rumah Gili.

What you need to know about us is indeed our experience in serving whether local or foreign tourists since 2008. We provide a place to stay for any guests visiting Lombok indeed to conduct different activities especially vacation. What we want to provide is the quality of warmth of local people’s behavior and also the local culture which any tourists can take advantage during their vacation. The fact is that our guest house is built on area of 5000 m2 which is big enough to gain the comfort to stay.

Although there have been many similar places that you can use as the place to stay during vacation in Lombok, what become our best advantage is peaceful environment so that you may never suffer from disturbance of noises and traffic while enjoying vacation in Lombok.

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