Nowadays, more people around the world may become interested in spending their time to visit some beautiful places to conduct vacation. Based on the reason that some tourists may gain problem in finding perfect place to stay when they conduct vacation.

Lombok is one of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia . Many tourists who come to Lombok want to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea, the quality of warmth of local people’s behavior and also the local culture which any tourists can enjoy during their vacation. While you enjoy your vacation on Lombok, you may never suffer from disturbance of noises and traffic because there's no vehicle in this area.

Since 2008, we have experience in serving whether local or foreign tourists. Lumbung Cottage which is located on the island of Gili Trawangan provide a place to stay for any guests visiting Lombok indeed to conduct different activities especially vacation. We provide exclusive lodging with traditional atmosphere. We have 17 units of bungalow in Lumbung cottage 1. It looks like a Sasak house ( traditional house in Lombok ). We use natural material to build this. The walls are made by wooden and the roof are made by reeds.

Lumbung Cottage 1 is located not far from the beach, just 100 m only, so you can enjoy the white sand which are so lovely and beautiful . Its location close to the restaurant, that allows you to enjoy a variety of foods and beverages with a romantic atmosphere . For those of you who want a more quiet atmosphere and cool , 2 barns cottage is perfect for you to test .